Imperium42, based in
Las Vegas, NV USA
& Taipei, Taiwan

Founding Date:

January 1, 2016



Press / Business Contact:

[email protected]


forum.imperium42.com @imperium42
imperium42 (FB)


Throne of Lies:
The Online Game of Deceit


Imperium42 Game Studio is a small, worldly team founded by Dylan Hunt from USA and Elsa Hunt from Taiwan known for their flagship title, Throne of Lies (PressKit). We communicate remotely via Discord with Agile strategies - for what we lack in number, we make up for with expertise within the field.

Imperium is Latin for Empire, or “Absolute Power”, combines with their slogan, “Empowered by Gamers”, thus: gamers, themselves, have the power to create empires of virtual worlds! Imperium42 takes great stride in participating live with both fans and the "indie dev" community with their numerous open-source contributions.

Why 42? 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything! Gaming is the answer to freedom, creativity, storytelling, and to live within dreams.



Imperium42 started out as a "husband-and-wife" team - Dylan, the developer and Elsa, business development. The decision to expand was in the early-stages of their flagship title, Throne of Lies, as a response to speed up development. While planning for a Kickstarter, Imperium42 posted their idea on Greenlight Concepts to see how the community would react: The result was very positive with 99% "thumbs up", remaining over the course of several months.


Now, Throne of Lies was successfully funded on Kickstarter and currently in closed beta testing on Steam after being Greenlit within 15 days of posting.

The launch date is set for September 29th, 2017 (9AM PST) on Steam.


We will continually refine Throne of Lies and provide free updates. We are dedicated to provide a better gaming experience and plan to craft more games to come.


Throne of Lies Official Launch Trailer (Short) | .zip (92 MB)

Throne of Lies Gameplay Montage (Closed Alpha) | Download file (+English subtitles) as .zip (223 MB)

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Throne of Lies Narrative Trailer (Pre-Alpha/Pre-GFX-Revamp) | Download file as .zip (182 MB)


Featured Screenshots

Download all 4 screenshots as .zip (1.9 MB)

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Logo & Icon

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Awards & Recognition

  • Indie Prize 2018 USA - Finalist

    Throne of Lies, Casual Connect - January 18, 2018

  • IndieDB - Indie of the Year 2018 - Top 100 Finalist

    Throne of Lies, Popular Vote - December 12, 2017

  • Kickstarter.com - Successfully Funded

    Throne of Lies, Funded for $21,795 - March 24, 2017

  • GDC San Francisco - Unity Technologies Tech Demo

    Throne of Lies, 'Collab' feature with Arisa Scott - March, 2016

  • Unite Amsterdam - Unity Technologies Tech Demo

    Throne of Lies, 'Collab' feature with Arisa Scott - June, 2016


Dylan "Xblade" Hunt

Elsa "FieryElsa" Hunt
Co-Founder/Business Development

Senior Developer

Arnoldas "Arnenzo" Jegorovas
3D Artist

Adityaraj "Adiart" Rukhane
2D Concept Artist

Mel "Xed" Kim
2D Concept Artist

Dan "ISWThunder" Holzhauer