What is Throne of Lies (PC/Steam Game)?

In a game of betrayal and underhanded tactics, who will emerge as the victor?

  • Form into factions as 1 of 35 unique classes.
  • Your wits are equally important to your 100+ abilities!
  • Betray those who you befriend with social manipulation.
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  What is this Genre?

ToL is a "social deduction" game inspired by tabletop and medieval politics: Eliminate other factions throughout day/night phases.

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$9.99, available for purchase now (Alpha/Beta+) >>

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Top Angebote
The Alchemist

"Healer" type, excelling with potions, both with the ability to heal and kill. One potion type can save - the other kills

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The Assassin

The primary "Killer" type of the Black Rose faction; The Nightshade ability can Poison a player during the day, killing them at night.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Butler

"Social" type, excelled at Occupying; social engineering is another perk, but only useful if tricky with it. Can poison the King.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Court Wizard

"Support" type, useful for turning day abilities, even to have The Assassin poison/kill himself with his own Day Ability (Poison), Nightshade.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Cult Leader

"Special" type of the Cult faction, excelling at control, recruiting members to join the Cult & sending them to their deaths.

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...And More!

With 35 classes and more than 100+ abilities, what are you waiting for? Check out our full class list!

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The Fool

"Wildcard" type with the special objective to "convince others YOU are guilty of treason": a selfish man full of tricks and trolls.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The King

“Support” type assigned to a faction at random. This class uses support abilities to stay alive and assist in getting others executed for treason.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Knight

"Killer" type, both offensive and support, with abilities to either defend (by taking your own life for theirs), or to kill another in cold blood.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Mastermind

"Special" type, appearing in every game, can recruit others to join the Black Rose faction: slip a letter of recruitment to a player to convert them overnight.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Mercenary

"Support" type, of the Neutral faction with the objective to simply survive by helping another player survive; uses 'Contract' system as a work-for-hire.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Noble

The Noble class is a "Social" type for the Blue Dragon faction. Can be converted to "Traitor Noble". Considered a Royal of the throne and knows other nobles.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Observer

"Investigator" type, deeply important for investigation within the Blue Dragon faction, excelling at gathering clues about the other party class information

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Paladin

"Offensive" type; abilities are aimed to seek and destroy Cult members and only appears when cult members appear - a cult member's worst nightmare.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Physician

"Healer" type that can identify how players died at night, offering key clues to assist in identifying foes; can also heal others at night, preventing their death.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Possessor

The alpha "Killer" type, appearing in every game, with the special objective to "kill everyone that doesn't need to survive"; take control of other players into killing for him.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Priest

"Support" type that allows you to survive death and even revive other players (once); can revert recruited Cult members back to their original class.

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The Prince

"Killer" type, essentially the Jailer, appearing in every game; can lock up (+occupy) other players at night, with option to communicate and execute the imprisoned victims.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Princess

"Investigator" type; can find answers very fast to determine friend from foe: can also light up your room at night so you and your neighbors can both see who visited you that night.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Psychic

"Social" type; excels at illusions and visions, allowing for both discovering player factions, funneling communication sources, and even communicating with The Dead at night.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Reaper

"Killer" class of the Neutral faction with the objective to kill; can reap souls at night and redeem souls for power-ups.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

The Sheriff

"Investigator" type; one of the most crucial to the Blue Dragon faction, privately revealing player roles at night. While providing critical information to your allies, this also makes you a large threat to your enemies.

...read full description @ tol.wikia.com >>

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